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Kinky. Obsidian Ashaman - 15/01/2003 03:01:23 PM

Actually, I'm usually about twenty minutes to an hour before I fall asleep once I actually turn the lights out and apply head to pillow, though sometimes it's longer. A question for you: are you like me in school the next day, where you find your eyes half closing during lectures, yet as soon as you can hit the computer and get on wotmania you suddenly become a little more awake? Just wondering.
Only if the lecture is boring. For some ungodly reason, I seem to maintain a wakeful state if I'm at least partially involved with what's going on. Like taking notes. But yes, after two or three lectures back to back the eyes can start to droop. Then when I get to wotmania, I do indeed perk up. Until the lack of activity relegates me to refreshing various MBs nonstop, that is.

Sometimes it's the other way around: wotmania makes me ready to sleep, and lecture picks me back up. Isn't that just wrong?

Oh, yeah, back to the sleeping issue. I sometimes read before falling asleep (I should do that more often, come to think of it), and I always get up and use the washroom if the need arises. I also shift positions when I find I'm not falling asleep. I close my eyes and try to think of little while concentrating on breathing. I'm not sure if it works or not, since I never have any memory of the time spend half-awake in the darkness; all I know is that I wake up sometime in the morning (usually about a minute before the alarm goes off ... ugh).
I try not thinking sometimes. I'm not sure if it works or not because..ummm...I oddly have no memory of what comes after deciding to try it. Maybe I should consider the implications a little more deeply.

I always sleep on my side, and occasionally on my stomach, but never on my back. I usually pull my upper leg upward a bit. I like to keep one hand beneath the pillow for some reason (who knows, maybe if a masked murderer comes in, he'll think I have my hand on a gun under there and reconsider his actions; my life may have been unknowingly saved a dozen times over by this harmless habit). Other than that, I can't really think of anything.
That's pretty much identical to me. I'm usually on the stomach, but sometimes on the side. One hand beneath pillow (and yes, the same reasoning has ocurred to me), upper leg raised. Great minds, I tell ya.

Sweet dreams.
Thanks for the specific answers! Just what I was looking for.

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