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well... Queen_of_Borg - 15/01/2003 03:33:59 PM

Ok, so I was thinking last night. Why was I thinking? Because I wasn't sleeping.
that's bad
See, I haven't been much good at getting to sleep lately. In fact, I haven't really been good at it since..ever. Somewhere during the tossing and turning of last night, I came to the suspicion that I may have irregular sleeping habits. I don't really know if it's normal or not, as I've never brought it up with a great many people, but my time between lights-out and sleep is an average of one to two hours. That doesn't seem quite right.
no, I hate it when I can't sleep, especially when I'm really tired.
So my question is this: What do you do to get to sleep? Not necessarily when you're having trouble sleeping, just on a normal night. What's the process you go through mentally and/or physically to shut yourself down?

Maybe I've just been doing it wrong all these years.

My process usually involves the following:

1) Do my best to make sure I'm not excited, or wakeful, or pumped for any reason before I go to bed. That would just be asking for trouble.
i agree
2) (Usually after some reading) Close my eyes, and turn towards thought.
reading is nice
3) If my thoughts are of a more excited nature, I try to think of something calm instead. Like trying to remember what it felt like to come home exhausted from a day's work and finally get to lay down. Or laying on a boat while the motion of the water soothes me. Yada and yada.
I usually try not to think about anything. When I do think about what happened that day or something else it takes a lot longer to get to sleep.
4) Roll over whenever I get uncomfortable. Try to forget my growing need to use the washroom (if applicable).
I always go to the washroom when I need to, if I don't it will only take longer before I finally sleep.
5) Continue until asleep.

Thanks for any input you can give. Maybe once I have a feel for what's normal, I can look into what I might be doing wrong. Or I could just find someone to massage me to sleep every night. That's cool too. *Daydreams*
I'd offer to massage you to sleep, but the trip would be a bit too long to make every day


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