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be really, tired (and reading is bad) Nicholi - 15/01/2003 06:56:19 PM

Ok, so I was thinking last night. Why was I thinking? Because I wasn't sleeping.

See, I haven't been much good at getting to sleep lately. In fact, I haven't really been good at it since..ever. Somewhere during the tossing and turning of last night, I came to the suspicion that I may have irregular sleeping habits. I don't really know if it's normal or not, as I've never brought it up with a great many people, but my time between lights-out and sleep is an average of one to two hours. That doesn't seem quite right.

I used to be a lot like that. I would just lay (or lie?) there forever... thinking about this and that... or reading of course.

So my question is this: What do you do to get to sleep? Not necessarily when you're having trouble sleeping, just on a normal night. What's the process you go through mentally and/or physically to shut yourself down?

Maybe I've just been doing it wrong all these years.

It is too bad you haven't worked something out yet. I think that i was only like that for a relatively small portion of my life, a couple years maybe.

My process usually involves the following:

1) Do my best to make sure I'm not excited, or wakeful, or pumped for any reason before I go to bed. That would just be asking for trouble.

Uh... yah

2) (Usually after some reading) Close my eyes, and turn towards thought.

I have found that reading is a terrible thing to do if you are trying to go to sleep. For one, if it is a good book you are not going to want to put it down... and looking at the clock it suddenly says 3:00!! Additionally just having something mentally stimulating like a book on your mind will fill your mind up and make it much more difficult to clear it.

3) If my thoughts are of a more excited nature, I try to think of something calm instead. Like trying to remember what it felt like to come home exhausted from a day's work and finally get to lay down. Or laying on a boat while the motion of the water soothes me. Yada and yada.

I have tried this before, but it doesn't work for me. Because if I am thinking of a boat... then I'll think of patrol ships ramming the boat, and cruisers following them... ugh

4) Roll over whenever I get uncomfortable. Try to forget my growing need to use the washroom (if applicable).

Actually, while I move whenever I go if I need to.

5) Continue until asleep.

That is the catcher isn't it? Well, the way that I started getting more sleep is by getting less. I found that it is soo much easier getting to sleep it you are really tired. Also go to bed later when you are more tired. I found that after doing this for a while, when I started getting more sleep again, i could still fall asleep relatively soon.

Also, think about nothing. I try to do it and it seems somewhat confusing but it sure seems to work. Just ... think nothing, try to clear your mind <insert subliminal directive here>.

Thanks for any input you can give. Maybe once I have a feel for what's normal, I can look into what I might be doing wrong. Or I could just find someone to massage me to sleep every night. That's cool too. *Daydreams*

Maybe this helps. One of my best friend was having the same problem, and his methods were totally different from mine.

Btw... are you a morning person? Because both him and I tend to work fine really late at night. And tend to be dead in the morning.

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