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6-7 years ago. DarKMatter - 13/04/2004 04:38:27 PM

This is a personal question, and if you don't feel comfortable answering it, I'm not going to make you do so. I just wanted to know whether or not anybody here at wotmania has ever considered/ thought of suicide, and how they considered it and how far they went, etc. Did you actually see yourself dying or dead? Did you try to imagine the pain, the last seconds before your breath stops and your eyes glaze over? Did you even consider the aftermath at all? Were you more interested in a quick, messy death or would you have been willing to suffer a bit more to allow less of a mess for your family/ those behind you to clean up?

I had a real bad period, I didn't think I was going to pass high school and I had very few friends. I went as far as putting a big knife at my throat. I wanted it to go fast, but I never did it, I wasn't sure it would work. I never thought about my family. I wanted it to go quick, if I had had a gun that day I think I would have done it. Now I'm happy I didn't. Things started getting better after that.

I know, it's a morbid survey. Sorry I had to ask. I was just curious. It always seemed to me when I was younger that only a sick (in the head) person would even consider it, or try to imagine it... but as I get older I'm a bit more in tune with what's normal and what's not... and I think I'd be hard pressed to find very many who haven't at least thought of it, if not necessarily actually considered it.

I thought I was sick in the head at that time.

Thanks to those of you who answer.

You're welcome and thank you, I've never told this to anyone before it's kind of a relief to tell someone.

"NOT to be here, Not to be anywhere, And soon; nothing more terrible, nothing more true" -Philip Larkin


"I was young and needed the money." ~ironclad

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