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Thank you for sharing it. rebelaessedai - 14/04/2004 03:54:22 PM

The whole truth of the matter is that you're right about the depressed mind. It doesn't consider the idea that it's a selfish act, or that those who care about them will be heartbroken, or if it does, it doesn't care. That's not to say that person is a bad person. It's because of the serotonin levels in their brain. That's all it is. I'm wired the same way, and my family is full of alcoholics and pillheads and heroin addicts. I'm none of those things. I take prozac on occasion, when I need to (I don't have insurance and can't afford it every month) and I would like to say thank you. After one night- the first night of my life- that I even IMAGINED myself doing it, I mean I didn't even consider it that night!- I was like, well, if i'm going to do this, I better get it over with. I wouldn't last three years like that. There's no "temporary problem": my whole life is a problem. I'm so cynical and opinionated and hateful of my entire species because we're so full of ourselves, and I don't WANT to fit in to society.
How am I going to get out of this? I have no idea. I am, however, sure that I am not going to kill myself. The next time I feel that bad, I'm calling a suicide hotline. I'll do it, and I know I will. I won't even play around. The next time that thought enters my head, I'm going straight to a professional.

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