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Actually, I could be an enthusiastic Democrat on principle, if any elected Dems would join me. Joel Send a noteboard - 05/02/2012 01:49:48 AM
I like Milton Friedman's quote: "I'm a Republican out of expediency, not out of principle". The thing is that my beliefs fit the Republicans better than the Democrats, on balance, especially considering that the most socially conservative ideas are talked about but never acted upon.

I think that describes almost all of us, and probably the dems, green, etc. The majority of my social circle in life is made up of party officials, which is kinda sad, but they should be the most doctrinally pure, and none of them fail to have at least one or two issues they break ranks on, and most can't really produce an issue-based litmus test. I regularly jump on people to define 'conservative' and no one can, it obviously doesn't fit well to 'preserve the status quo' or 'maintain traditions' except very loosely especially on the former. Fiscal con can mean anything from 'balance the budget at all costs, even if you must raise taxes' to 'reduce spending, deficit fine', there are plenty of fiscally conservative socialists after all. Personally I'd like to see Fed, state, and local all be about 10% of GDP each, with a formal declaration war required to exceed 10% GDP federal spending, I have no idea what that makes me on the fiscal lib/con thing but IIRC total gov't (fed/ST/loc) spending in FY11 was 6 trillion and GDP was 15, so 40%, presumably my desire to hack about 25% off that makes me at least somewhat fiscally conservative.

The big one is social con, nobody knows what they hell that means nowadays besides gays and guns and abortion, but that's a bit rough on the first two because the GOP has mellowed a lot about gays and the Dems ditto on guns, and all the socially conservative GOP candidates appear to have an identical view on gay marriage as our liberal president. There's not really much else that the social con platform really has a unified specific push on. School vouchers and to include parochial schools, I suppose, probably pot too, none of them I know seem to care enough to mention it though. Gambling and prostitution but it's not exactly like anyone of major power is clamoring to legalize those, or lower the drinking age. Libertarian as I am, with the full belief an adult of sound mind should be allowed guzzle a gallon of drain cleaner if they want to, I don't really sit up agonizing at night about it either. But, like I said earlier, I think this stuff is almost all age based, or generation really, more than party affiliation.

I just cannot take a principled stand on GOP-Lite, though our "liberal" president has a taste for it but then, so did our last "Democratic" president. It is funny how the base on each side keeps getting more and more extreme but the differences between elected officials keep getting smaller and smaller. Connection...?

Well, you vote for Mitt Romney (R-MA) I will vote for Mitt Romney (D-IL) the best Romney will win and Americas unending prosperity and security will continue.

In ten years the "two" major parties will be playing the same game with different wedge issues, and the only Americans doing well out of it will remain those who own factories in China.
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