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Trump's Policies, or What that crazy mo'fo' gon' do next?!? LiterateDog Send a noteboard - 19/01/2017 11:14:31 PM

As Donald Trump is about to assume power, many I know are living in fear of that. I thought I'd make a little post about it. Something to get us all to think and maybe put our fears in perspective. I don't like Donald Trump in the least. I think both he and many of his policy ideas are horrendous. However, he supports a lot of things I do like. But, we're not here to debate him, per se. I've seen a lot of fear and conjecture about him from his opponents, but I'd prefer for everyone to use their fears as a catalyst for thought and perhaps a little productive debate.

This post is basically a survey with one question, a la a Heathers lunchtime survey. What one policy do you most fear that Donald Trump will implement, and more importantly, how do you posit that he will implement it given our current system of government?

cross-posted from FB because I wanted to give a little life to this place while it's still here

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-Samantha Jones, SatC
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Trump's Policies, or What that crazy mo'fo' gon' do next?!? - 19/01/2017 11:14:31 PM 575 Views
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