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Bryan Caplan, Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time... A long time. Roland00 Send a noteboard - 01/09/2022 09:11:50 PM

Do whites dominate our society?

In one sense, they obviously do. Whites run most of the business world, hold most of the top political offices, hold a clear majority of the most prestigious jobs, and earn above-average incomes.

In another sense, however, whites aren’t dominant at all. If you get in public and loudly say, “Whites have built Western civilization, the glory of the modern world. Almost everything good in the modern world builds on white Europeans’ efforts. The people of the world need to acknowledge how much they owe to the white race, and apologize for their many insults fueled by their own sense of inferiority,” almost everyone will recoil in horror.


Used to hear him more in 2018 and 2019 when he was writing books on education followed by people dunking on them. (I do not share Caplan’s views shrug)

That and the late 00s when he was doing his Buchananite Public choice stuff with The Myth of the Rational Voter.

Oh yeah an occasional Freakonomics blog post.

Glad he is still around doing his evangelicalism, for the more the world changes something should stay the same.

Sidenote since we are talking Econ people and Society people should buy Brad Delong’s book Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the Twentieth Century which comes out on the 6th aka this week.


Any Labor Day plans Mookie?

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