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No, Caplan is for dismantling high school Roland00 Send a noteboard - 03/09/2022 01:38:52 AM

He has called for kids that are age 13 to do apprenticeships, yet he says that is a bad choice, unless all 13 year olds due apprenticeships (due to signal mechanisms)

And thus you need the whole NATIONAL system to be disrupted all at once or else you get perverse incentives says Caplan for he is a "true believer."


And do not get Caplan onto civics, and how much people retain!


Of course so much of the human brain is against what Caplan is calling for, people who actually study education, novelty, learning skills in a stepwise matter (for you do not learn all at once, and when you do learn a trade often you learn faster and better in the zone of proximal development with a teacher or fellow class mates helping you to test you at the full maximum of what you currently are capable to do in a group but by yourself without aid it would be beyond your abilities.)

But Caplan theories are also design if you can't measure it, then it is wasted by his definition of non-beneficial surplus. But humans are not built the way Caplan thinks we are.

shrug he is dealing with areas of reality we can't really test for, they are not falsifiable. Except when we do test for it, he discounts those forms of tests. He is a true believer, there is no arguing with him.

Like I said earlier he has dozens of pet projects and once you start looking at what he believes, you see he truly believes it, but also most of what he is suggesting is unworkable and often completely weird. Yet since he is on another planet sometimes you listen to him not because he has good ideas but because if you are in the fields he is critiquing you need to deal with these complaints even if they are good faith / bad faith / neither faith.

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