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Cheers Roland00 Send a noteboard - 12/01/2023 08:44:16 PM

I have nothing to add for I dealt with this same shit to help my father the second week of December with his retirement and healthcare. And I helped my mother swap her phone on January 1st.

and I really do not want to talk about it for it sucked and lots of small things went wrong, and you had to put them in the proper place to make the thing work, and this is just hell on my ADHD brain. Add to the fact my parents are not on their best behavior and are grumpy little gremlins when they are coping with theses important lifelines for they are stressed out of their mind and they think just speaking these stresses into the aether somehow makes it better, even if it adds more derailment while I try to fix and integrate into the bureaucracy.

So yeah I sympathize and I am sending good vibes your way. You deserve a drink of sherry or scotch, or whatever is your personal poison. That shit really utterly sucks.


(changes the subject)

I did get a new computer over the Winter break Not anything fancy, just a computer with 16gbs of ram, 1080p screen, fingerprint scanner, i5 and all that jazz. As blink 182 said 23 years ago.

"work sucks I know, Santa (my own damn self) left my roses by the stairs, Surprises let me know Santa cares"


Anything cool happen to you in the last month besides mind crushing real shit that brings a rupture to ones sanity?

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