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Any agenda doesn't matter. Palatine Send a noteboard - 17/07/2013 04:43:30 PM

Sorkin is the best writer out there and has been for a very long time. Whatever the viewpoint is, is irrelevant because the arguments are just so damn intelligent. The writing is just intelligent overall. There's simply nothing like it anywhere else. Only Sorkin can do this, apparently. Plus, it's highly entertaining.

Also, the acting is superb. Like Roland said, Olivia Munn is outstanding and Sam Waterston is right there, too.

As was also said, the Jim/Maggie relationship is annoying, but (SPOILER) that seems to get handled in the first episode of this season. Plus, the Maggie character seems to have been set up as a negative stereotype of liberals in general and you may find making fun of her enjoyable for that reason.


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