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I'll generally disagree pretty vehemently with, say, Cannoli, but I'll back that son of a bitch to the hilt when it comes to talking about how much Egwene sucks.

There have been a number of occasions on these boards were I agreed with Cannoli as well, and usually point out how hell must have just frozen over. But if it touches in any way on politics, social-economic issues, well, let's just say there isn't much room to be more polar opposite of everything I see as right and good for the world and humanity. Some room, but not much.

Oh, and I'll never ever agree with y'all on Egwene. I rather liked her. Less annoying that Nynaeve "Stormcrow" (show me one city in Randland she visited that did not end up in anarchy and ruins shortly after, outside of Tear). And yes, I cried when Egwene cast that one badass weave in the last book.

Death to the Regressives of the GOP and the TeaParty. No mercy for Conservatives. Burn them all at the stake for the hateful satanists they are.
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