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Re: I think you have abandonment issues. beetnemesis Send a noteboard - 17/07/2013 09:26:23 PM

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View original post-Is going to abandon Emond's Field and Rand when she becomes a full Wisdom

View original postSo? I grew up in Indiana, and now I live in England. I do not live with my family.

Egwene was essentially bethrothed to Rand, and lived in a village where people spent basically their entire lives. It's never one event that damns her- these are to indicate a general trend.

In this case, if presented with the choice between her family and the (ostensible) love of her life (remember, she was super jealous if Rand interacted with any other women), and becoming the Wisdom of a different village, she'd choose being the Wisdom, easily.

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View original post-Hits on Perrin when it's clear he's the key to surviving in the wilderness

View original postOr when she was stuck out in the woods with him and realizes he's a boy and she's a girl?

Still betrothed to Rand-AND she got pissed when she heard Rand even talked to other women (Like... what's her name, Else Grinwall?)

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View original post-Leaves Perrin, hits on Aram when they're given aid by the Traveling People

Not only is she still betrothed to Rand, she was JUST hitting on Perrin.

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View original post-Leaves the boys to go become an Aes Sedai

View original postAgain, so? Why should she stay with them? What's so special about her that she has to take care of a group of young men?

It's not about a specific event, it's about establishing a trend.

In this case, she left three of her childhood friends, who she knew were super-important and in danger, so she could go gain personal power as an Aes Sedai.

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View original post-In Tear, ready to abandon everyone to go become a dreamwalker

View original post... same question...

Same answer. Doesn't care about Emond's Field (Actually, I totally forget- did she know Two Rivers was being invaded?). Has zero interest in heading back to Tar Valon to continue to be an Aes Sedai. Totally willing to abandon Rand (The Dragon Reborn), to become a dreamwalker.

(Remember, she had no idea he was heading to the Waste when she decided to go).

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View original post-While with the Aiel, is definitely more on the side of the Wise Ones than she is Moiraine, Rand, or Mat

View original postWell, at that point I was too.

Still, Rand is her childhood friend, former love, and DRAGON REBORN. Moiraine is basically her mentor/lady crush. As soon as she meets new authority she can get in bed with, she essentially kicks Rand and Moiraine to the curb.

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View original post-Becomes Rebel Amyrlin, dedicates herself to destroying Elaida

View original postYou wouldn't have? I'm a bit confused by this one, but that could be because Elaida may be my least favorite character.

Elaida is pretty terrible, I agree. But I wasn't clear in my wording- Egwene actually declared WAR. It was exactly what the Shadow wanted.

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View original post-Finally becomes "Real" Amyrlin, immediately chastises all other rebels.

View original postYeah, I think maybe you don't understand politics.

I understand the justification just fine. The point is that she immediately discarded any loyalty she has to her previous group, and marched ahead to gain greater power, again.

Almost none of the events by themselves are damning, but when taken together (and I'm forgetting some, I'm sure) it paints an interesting picture.

I amuse myself.
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