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I took their statement as going for the jugular imlad Send a noteboard - 17/07/2013 01:56:14 AM

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It seemed like a typical liberal Sorkin "the country sucks" show. So I haven't watched it to date.

By the way, Veep was awesome this season! Freaking hilarious.

The bolded statement above either implies absolute lack of any knowledge of what liberals are about and stand for, OR it was a purposely designed affront to liberals.

The first case would give me cause for some pity, but also scorn since the availability of the knowledge if someone wanted to learn (something those in the right wing bubble often seem to be incapable of) is quite simply staggering in its volume.

The second case, well, go for the jugular of liberals, I'll reply in kind. Since over the years I've seen that Anon2K isn't a complete idiot, despite their political views, I assumed it was the second case.

Death to the Regressives of the GOP and the TeaParty. No mercy for Conservatives. Burn them all at the stake for the hateful satanists they are.
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