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I think you have abandonment issues. nossy Send a noteboard - 17/07/2013 05:36:15 PM

View original post-Is going to abandon Emond's Field and Rand when she becomes a full Wisdom

So? I grew up in Indiana, and now I live in England. I do not live with my family.
View original post-Hits on Perrin when it's clear he's the key to surviving in the wilderness

Or when she was stuck out in the woods with him and realizes he's a boy and she's a girl?
View original post-Leaves Perrin, hits on Aram when they're given aid by the Traveling People

He's hot.
View original post-Leaves the boys to go become an Aes Sedai

Again, so? Why should she stay with them? What's so special about her that she has to take care of a group of young men?
View original post-In Tear, ready to abandon everyone to go become a dreamwalker

... same question...
View original post-While with the Aiel, is definitely more on the side of the Wise Ones than she is Moiraine, Rand, or Mat

Well, at that point I was too.
View original post-Becomes Rebel Amyrlin, dedicates herself to destroying Elaida

You wouldn't have? I'm a bit confused by this one, but that could be because Elaida may be my least favorite character.
View original post-Finally becomes "Real" Amyrlin, immediately chastises all other rebels.

Yeah, I think maybe you don't understand politics.
View original postShe is the worst.

I can see that you think that.
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