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Don't go too fast.... the wind has started in odd places before... DomA Send a noteboard - 24/04/2010 09:36:21 PM
In one of the books (TPOD, IRRC) the wind started in the Sea Folk Islands we had not visited (and still haven't, for more than a few short scenes) and ended in Ebou Dar with a scene involving the Windfinders and Mat preparing to leave the city. And yet, the Sea Folk Islands were totally irrelevant to the rest of the book, it was just a thematic link, and a bit of set up to remind us of the Amayar.

Brandon may have chosen to show the Towers of Midnight in Imfaral in the opening paragraph only to have the wind cross the Aryth, update us about the Sea Folk Islands on the way and end at Tuon or another Seanchan character's (eg: Egeanin, or Almurat the Seeker) location, to link the ToM literally with the title, so that the metaphorical meaning he gives to the expression towers of midnight is clear in the rest of the book. The Towers are an extremely little known location by the casual readers, to use them as a metaphor Brandon had to show them or have the Seanchan talk about them as a reminder. It looks like the opening of the book does just that.

For all we know, the wind may start in Imfaral and end with Mat Cauthon in Caemlyn with him musing about Tuon or the fact he's a Prince of the Ravens (don't forget, the sigil/tattoo of the Seeker shows a Tower representing the Towers of Midnight and a raven) or Egeanin or the sul'dam having pissed him off again...

It may be no more than that, it most likely is no more than that. Jordan was extremely doubtful (when not downright saying "no";) that the plot would bring us back to Seanchan or Shara in the main series. Brandon may have chosen to set a few scenes there - or perhaps Jordan had the idea himself of a scene that shows us a bit of the chaos there on the eve of TG, but I really doubt he had whole episodes planned in Seanchan, and even less that Brandon would have invented some out of the blue.

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