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RJ said... Etzel Send a noteboard - 26/04/2010 07:51:10 AM
IIRC, certain members of this community got their panties in a bunch over Jordan's statements that clashed with their own interpretations of the scene. One statement was that he did not show everyone who was present, such as Erian Boroleos(sp? ), Semirhage and Graendal, which meant that those who built enormous theories on Semirhage's non-appearance (particularly those who presumed on absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she is the most badass Forsaken of all and her absense was the sole reason for the good guys' victory/survival) tried to claim that Jordan was lying or wrong because Graendal WAS seen (by Verin). I recall some rather bitter recriminations flying around the WoTMB of wotmania on the topic.
However, we see in these comments above, Jordan distinguishes between different types of mentions.
I’ve mentioned them, but I did not show them; you were not there. There’s a difference between mentioning and actually being there, taking a character there to see them
This could be the converse of his statements about the Cleansing, where he had a character see Graendal, but she was never mentioned. The Forsaken facing Verin's circle could have been a different woman in disguise, for all we know. She is never positively identified, and we don't get her PoV. A wordsearch of that portion of the book for her name would not turn up anything except possibly one of her comrades thinking of her. Since Jordan feels the distinction between mentioning and showing is important enough to interrupt an interviewer/questioner over, his statements regarding the presence of Graendal at the Cleansing might now be reconciled with her presumptive appearance in the actual book.

"Semirhage was present at Shadar Logoth, though not seen. You didn't see Graendal, either, though admittedly Moghedien thought of her, thinking it would be good if she or Cyndane died. If I always tried to show everyone who was present at a battle or the like, the books would be a LOT longer than they are now. And those battles would get rather boring, a list of names. Go down the checklist and make sure everyone gets mentioned. Boring."

This is clearly wrong, because Graendal was actually seen and shown, contrary to Semirhage who wasn't.
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