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The depths that I'd sink just to... Alric seVinta - 16/01/2003 01:32:09 PM

1. A pair of superbowl tickets?
I'd just try to resell them to make a profit, so... shovel snow.

2. A pair of World Cup tickets?
Pay for them.

3. A date with (pick one) Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck?
What... no Mr. Bean?! *sits out question in protest*

4. A plasma screen television?
Kiss Trigger... well, no... not that... never that. Actually I don't watch all that much TV, so a plasma would be wasted on me.

5. A bit role in The Lord of the Rings movies?
I'd bic shave my head for that.

6. A central role in The Lord of the Rings movies?
Mr. Jackson... I'm ready for my close-up. I wanna direct it actually... fix all the things Jackson broke.

7. A chance to play baseball for the Yankees?
I'd only ask for a 2 million dollar salary, I'd be real cheap compared to everyone else on the roster. What?

8. To be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Bah, I avoided that like the plague.

9. To be The Bachelor/ette?

I'm married, and very happy about it.

10. Another year of school?

Apparently, not quit my job and pay for school... so something less than that.

11. A higher-paying job?
Umm, I'd give a Black Joe cake... yummy, cake.

12. A personal phone call from wotmania Mike?
That'd be cool, though I'd like to meet him... heck, I'd even buy him dinner.

13. A dinner with Robert Jordan?
You couldn't pay me enough. I wouldn't want to watch him eat.

14. A dinner with the author of your choice?

My car... it's really rather crappy so it isn't as much as it sounds.

15. A dinner with the wotmaniac of your choice?
Apparantly not enough to buy a ticket, fly out and have dinner. I could always eat with Ras, he's the closest favorite wotmaniac.

16. The secret that is behind Door # 1, but you couldn't know till after you made the deal?

I'd make the deal. Poop! It's a pet rock!


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