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Re: What would you do for... The Voice of Lews Therin - 16/01/2003 02:37:14 PM

1. A pair of superbowl tickets? Absolutely nothing. You would have to pay ME to attend a football game or watch one on TV. I HATE football.

2. A pair of World Cup tickets? Not too much. Though I like soccer, I'm not one of these raving Man Utd. fans or anything.

3. A date with (pick one) Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck? Please, Gena. Find someone better than J Lo. After all, I did!!!

4. A plasma screen television? this is a good one. What would I be asked to do?

5. A bit role in The Lord of the Rings movies? I would probably not do much for that.

6. A central role in The Lord of the Rings movies? a blood sacrifice of my firstborn sufficient?

7. A chance to play baseball for the Yankees? I suck at baseball...though it would be neat-o!

8. To be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I tried to do it for free but they kept asking me questions about jazz music and football so I never made it past the phone-in...

9. To be The Bachelor/ette? No interest.

10. Another year of school? One year wouldn't be enough, so not interested.

11. A higher-paying job? With no increase in hours, workload, etc.? MY IMMORTAL SOUL...well, maybe not, but close to it.

12. A personal phone call from wotmania Mike? I'd stand on my head for an hour.

13. A dinner with Robert Jordan? Depends on the restaurant.

14. A dinner with the author of your choice? Can they be dead already? I'd really like to have dinner with Pushkin...he seemed like fun.

15. A dinner with the wotmaniac of your choice? Yeah, but Gena, we've done that. Twice. And you made me eat that nasty blin the first time.

16. The secret that is behind Door # 1, but you couldn't know till after you made the deal? Ummm...I'm a gambler, so I'd say $50.

Annoying wotmaniacs for 10 years.

Oh, I don't have time for this. I have to go and buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and then return it, making people wait behind me while I complain. - Prof. Farnsworth

The Voice of Lews Therin

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