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*ponders ... ponderously* ngallagher - 16/01/2003 05:29:10 PM

1. A pair of superbowl tickets?

I would pretend to eat this thing I just found.

2. A pair of World Cup tickets?

World Cup ... of what? There's a World Cup of hockey, of golf, and probably of a dozen other sports. For the hockey one, I'd eat my baby toe ... the left one.

3. A date with (pick one) Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck?

No thanks to either. Sure, being seen with Jennifer Lopez would be cool, but really, how much do you think we have in common? I'll pass.

4. A plasma screen television?

I'd make passionate love to the sofa.

5. A bit role in The Lord of the Rings movies?

They're already filmed. This is impossible. I won't be tricked so easily.

6. A central role in The Lord of the Rings movies?

See above. Although I'm tempted to say something, though I know it's impossible.

7. A chance to play baseball for the Yankees?

I suck at baseball. I'd be a laughingstock. I'll pass.

8. To be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Woo. I am fairly good with trivia. I'd, um ... bite the head off a cabbage.

9. To be The Bachelor/ette?

On ... television? *shudders* Pass.

10. Another year of school?

Well, I ... WTF???? ANOTHER year of school? I already have three more ahead of me. You think I'd actually do something for this ... honor???


11. A higher-paying job?

I don't have a job. So I guess I'd apply for something.

12. A personal phone call from wotmania Mike?

I would ritually sacrifice a Wulf`gar, or die in the attempt.

13. A dinner with Robert Jordan?

Well, I would enjoy talking with him about just what the hell has gone wrong with his series, so ... I would press all the keys on my keyboard at once, just to see what would happen. Am I a rebel or what?

14. A dinner with the author of your choice?

I'm no good at dinners, but Tad Williams is kind of my idol when it comes to writing. So I'd punch a ninja assassin monkey in the nose and take my chances.

15. A dinner with the wotmaniac of your choice?

How about with ten of them of my choice? That would be much better, and I would rob a bank to afford to fly them all the same place and pay for dinner. William could fight Priscilla for the duty of handling the parking fees.

16. The secret that is behind Door # 1, but you couldn't know till after you made the deal?

I would write witty responses to a post such as this.

*wonders what is behind the door*

*wonders ... wonderously*

Warder to starry_nite

One day.

May I suggest:

one two three four five six nine and ten
money can't buy you back the love that you had then

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