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Re: What would you do for... LaSombra - 16/01/2003 05:05:08 PM

1. A pair of superbowl tickets?
not much, although I could make some good money out of them...
2. A pair of World Cup tickets?
still, not much, although my husband would love for me to get them...ok, maybe I'd run around the block in my underwear or something (after my post-baby body gets back to normal)
3. A date with (pick one) Jennifer Lopez/ Ben Affleck?
well, if I were single, I wouldn't mind going on a date with Ben Affleck, but I'm not starstruck, so not really anything more than what I'd do for any other good looking guy.,.
4. A plasma screen television?
5. A bit role in The Lord of the Rings movies?as long as it's not as a troll or something like that, I might have to run around the block in my underwear for that one too...

6. A central role in The Lord of the Rings movies?I might run around naked for that...

7. A chance to play baseball for the Yankees?Well, I'm not too good at baseball...sometimes I can do alright, but if I played for the Yankees, I think I'd be a probably nothing

8. To be on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
I'd call in and answer their questions like anyone else...
9. To be The Bachelor/ette?
nothing. That's a dumb show (no offense to those who watch)
10. Another year of school?
huh? Is that a trick question?
11. A higher-paying job?
I'd go for an interview...
12. A personal phone call from wotmania Mike?hmmm...well, I don't know what I'd say to him, necessarily...he's a guy like anyone else...

13. A dinner with Robert Jordan?
Depends on who's choosing the menu...I have a feeling he'd like some wierd food...I think I'd probably run around the block naked for that...if I chose the food, I might even do it pregnant! He could be pretty interesting to talk to...
14. A dinner with the author of your choice?
same. Probably would choose RJ...
15. A dinner with the wotmaniac of your choice?
hmmm...well, not much, I'd just ask them.
16. The secret that is behind Door # 1, but you couldn't know till after you made the deal?
I dunno...there could be something bad behind the door...


"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

<3 Joe
*lurves her rock*
* Aes sedai to Great Lord of Chaos *

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