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i'm not sure anyone 'understands' but here's some stuff i think feline_huntress - 24/04/2004 03:20:30 PM

I just can't quite figure this out. She's dating him. Doesn't that make him her boyfriend?
not necessarily.

And why would you date more than one person (this would be referring to her use of the word "exclusive&quot?
if you aren't exclusive or monogamous then you can date more than one person. it's what's known, i'm fairly certain, as a 'social life'... i don't have one of these, per se, but i've heard of them

Am I just naive for thinking that being exclusive should be a given in any relationship like that?
well, no, it's not a given. it's just not. some people really dson't work that way. i don't. monogamy/exclusivity is something that must be asked for, and it's not an easy thing to get to. it requires a high level of devotion for me....

Am I naive for thinking that dating = boyfriend/girlfriend?
yes. that's ok though, you've got time to learn

Wouldn't not being exclusive be like cheating on your partners? Whether or not they knew, that's how I would feel.
no. i understand how you feel, and that's actually something you'll have to make clear to anyone you date. i don't assume anything. i need the long 'uncomfortable' talks to take place immediately if there's to be any sort of relationship in the works... communication is really important.

I just don't understand
that's ok. i'm pretty sure most people don't. everyone has their own personal preferences... just find out what they are for the person you're dating and you should be ok.

"But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

from 'the velveteen rabbit'

first warder to lord malshun

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