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nah AlannaDawn - 24/04/2004 06:15:49 PM

Second, I'm still not sure I completely undersand.

I think... umm... huh?

Maybe it's just the kind of person I am that makes this hard to understand. I feel like I've betrayed Anne if I look at another girl on the street. And I haven't even met Anne irl yet.

I'm not trying to impress anyone. This is how I am. Maybe it's because I've never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, and never even known that a girl liked me until months (or years) after the fact.

I'm not telling you that you should. I'm just trying to grasp the idea of why. You can usually only see things from your own perspective, and I'd probably be attatched to someone after one or two dates. But the reason for that is, I wouldn't go on a date with someone I just met at the bar. I'd go on a date with someone I thought I knew, if only to get to know them better.

Hmm... you kind of confused me a little with your caps placed where they are... I think I'll just refer you to the second one up there... and the last one too. I think they both sort of apply. Maybe.

Well... knowing that sheds a little light, but maybe I'm just a little too slow to understand right now...
It is always hard to get where someone else is coming from. That is why I look for the very few people who get me! Trust me, you are in the vast majority!

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