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I think I... umm... farmboy - 24/04/2004 05:54:36 PM

Bridget has an interesting dilemma. She is a very moral woman, but she also has a very sensual nature (as any young women should) and she is very attracted to a certain kind of guy.

The kind of guy she is attracted to is usually muscular, fit and good-looking, and also somewhat of a player. When other girls are attracted to a guy, it makes Bridget way more attracted to that guy herself.

Her dilemma comes from her Mormon upbringing. She likes these charming, debonair muscular guys, but she cannot get too serious with them. What will happen then?

She knows she cannot marry them, and at a certain point sex becomes unavoidable. It makes committing very difficult. She doesn't want to hurt the guy, and she doesn't want to hurt herself either by getting too involved with a guy that she will never marry anyway.

But she also does not want to be alone. Who would? What is the solution? Date guys very non-committally. It is actually quite common today. For most Americans some form of sex is involved, but Bridget is much more prudent than that. Ultimately this is just a way of passing time.

When that guy said he was her boyfriend, it annoyed her because it signified a level of committment that she wasn't comfortable with. Is this making any sense now?

She wants to marry a Mormon guy eventually, but really good ones are not easy to find. There are plenty of Mormons, but not that many that attract Bridget. And the ones that do actually attract her are very dangerous, because so many other women will be wooing them.

See what a bind she is in?

I am sure she will eventually figure this one out, but she is going to need a lot of help from fates side.

Alanna is my warderess, so we have watch each others back.
I think I half-understand... but at the same time, I'm a lot more confused Can't a non-mormon convert?

My brain has been swiss cheesed like Scott Bakula's on Quantum Leap

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