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So just to put it out there.... Jeordam Send a noteboard - 03/12/2020 06:32:09 PM

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Just what it says on the tin. I'm interested in reading the takes of people here on the subject.

Your subject line is argumentative, as it tries to quantify "suffering" as well as the word "most".

But from my point of view, going with your premise, I'd say that the factor most in play here is Freedom. The government does not have the right to tell me how to live. They do not have the right to tell me to not group with my family and friends in a private home. The government does not have a right to force me to wear a piece of clothing. The government does not have the right to limit my travel (since I've broken no law).

Greater than 99% of people who contract this virus survive. From my point of view, the fear of this virus has prompted mitigations that are having a more dire consequence. Children not in school. Economic hardship due to businesses not operating per normal. Individuals isolated away from their regular social support systems (causing all sorts of individual issues). Not all of these consequences are quantifiable like a running infection/death they aren't given as much weight.

And just to say it...I have friends and family who are "at risk". My grandmother died a few months back. Interestingly enough, she tested positive for the virus, but she didn't die from it. She was 5 weeks shy of her 100th birthday, and died peacefully in her sleep. I know what this virus could do to us (kill less than 1% of us), but I'm far more concerned for what it is doing to us (see UN-quantifiable consequences above).


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