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Re: I desperatly need to enter a bikini... Druegan - 14/04/2004 07:48:34 AM

Anyone know of a diet that actually work?

How much you need to lose?

I lost about 25lbs in a month on the Atkins... without going to a gym.

Now.. some disclaimers...

1, do NOT do the no-carb thing for more than a month at a stretch.. then take a couple weeks of regular food before going back to it. Also, find yourself a good liquid multivitamin while you're doing it. Liquid because of the typical capsule vitamins, you're only getting about 10% of the nutrient content out of it due to absorption rates. When you're eating pretty much nothing but meat, is very important to keep nutrition up.

2, I did a bit of a harder core version of atkins.. I ate nothing but meat. period. I did not exercise at all. It would be much healthier to just cut out all breads, pasta, potatos, etc, and eat meat + leafy green veggies... but I hate veggies.

(Except for the gym, can't afford it.)

Know the feeling. However, ANY diet will be much enhanced by exercise.. I could have dropped twice the weight if I had exercised.. I'll be trying the diet again this next month WITH exercise... You also don't need to go to a gym to exercise though. Basically, any time you can elevate your heart rate for more than 15 min at a stretch, you are recieving positive metabolic benefit.

Sooo.. with that in mind, take a brisk walk for 20 min. Do some calisthenics.. Hell, have sex. (burns more calories than running) Any physical activity that gets the heart rate up will help.

Good Luck,


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