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Re: I covered a lot of this in my reply to Joe above. The Shrike Send a noteboard - 22/11/2021 05:24:38 PM

As I mentioned above, I haven't seen much sexing or violencing it up? And definitely not all changes made storylines / characters darker - e.g. with Mat, they did make him darker in some ways, but at the same time also made his good sides more explicit in the way he takes care of his sisters. Egwene also seems to be softened rather than hardened.

What about the introduction of Thom Merillin in the show versus in the books? In the show he essentially robs Mat as compared in the books when he is already in Edmond's field and joins them in their departure. Or how that community was even presented with the dead person in the cage. And that barmaid and Mat making a joke to Rand about taking turns having sex with her. Though granted Mat is already under the influence of the dagger here.

And something like the burning of the Aes Sedai by the Whitecloaks. It's been nine years since I read the books but I thought our first introduction to them was via the Perrin and Egwene subplot after their departure from Shadar Logoth.

The violence is a feeling that this show is creating. This is a brutal world. Yes, the dark one is rising but I am not sure it was this way in the books. And therein lays the difference in the Tolkien------Martin continuum.

>But the DC movies also include Aquaman and the two Wonder Woman movies (saw the second one just this weekend), which have plenty of more lighthearted and dare I say even wholesome stuff. But going for a Marvel-like tone wouldn't have suited WoT well, either, I don't think.

Snyder was not the director for the two Wonder Woman movies or Aquaman - thought he was a producer on them. And it shows for all 3 movies you mentioned. But you are right that the tone wouldn't have suited WOT. I am giving binary examples of Tolkien and Martin but it's a continuum and Jordan is closer to Tolkien on that line. But the show is closer to Martin. And I feel that difference and see that difference.

Nynaeve's storyline so far is a complete clusterfuck (though not necessarily her personality) and Perrin's, while not wholly bad, is poisoned by that nonsense in the first episode. Lan isn't what he should be, either. But the others are mostly okay. Martin was a TV writer by trade, who wrote a series that was a lot easier to translate to TV in the first place - and who was probably more understanding of the changes that nevertheless still had to be made. I'd agree Jordan would have disliked a lot about this series, they could and should have done better in various respects, but I don't think it would've been possible to make a TV adaptation that Jordan would've really liked very much - not one for a modern mass audience, anyway.

I know we are in 2021. I know that what was written in 1990 can be different. And I am not speaking to any of the gender updates which I am either neutral on or like slightly more or like slightly less depending on which one we are discussing.

I am just talking about creating a Fantasy show through the lens of Game of Thrones being popular and thinking that is what will sell and be more popular. But the LOTR films were also popular and sold well. So I dont think we are getting the feel of the books the way we should be getting them. I am not as anti the show as Joe or Mike or Tom. I am still mostly neutral/slight dislike and will give the first season a watch so I can better see how it develops.

And btw, you are right about Nynaeve. She is one of my favorites in the book. I love her character actually. And what the show is doing to her/with her shows a complete disregard for the character from the books.

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