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Right. Jacob Send a noteboard - 18/05/2011 05:19:52 PM
I think they played a few things just about perfect. I had pegged who that third cop was going to be quite a while ago, but they played it out better than I thought they would. Captain went down with a fight.

The only problem that I had with it was that there was no way that Kate would have allowed herself to be manhandled out of that hanger, especially by Castle, and only Castle. Still, it wasn't a big thing.
They can play up her toughness and grit all they want. Castle is a pretty big guy (they mostly hide it through camera angles and not letting him do physical stuff, but look at some group scenes of several people in a hallway or tight space and see how he looms over all the other guys on the show), and Beckett is a fairly skinny woman. If a guy who is capable of tackling Lockwood to the ground and pounding on him can't pick up a chick who weighs a buck-20 tops when her life depends on it, you've got serious plausibility issues. The real suspension of disbelief for that scene comes with the whole notion of getting her and Castle out in the first place. It was done solely to give Montgomery a heroic death, when with Castle and Beckett hiding in backup, he probably survives. As it was he took down all his killers alone. The way the fight played out, there was hardly a sense of inevitability about the outcome.

For the character, and her supposed training and ability to fight, and how they have established her to date on the show, there is no way that she could not have escaped a bear hug by Richard Castle. Being able to hold someone, and force them quickly out of a back door of hangar, has only so much to do with physical size. Tackling and pummeling a guy is one thing. Being able to use your size and weight effectively against a smaller, desperate opponent, one who has been trained for physical defense, and trains herself seriously, is pretty difficult to do, especially when you aren't trying to do damage but merely control and move that person.

I have enough fight training and experience to know that the show just wanted to get them out, so they did it. It doesn't fit with reality, or even the character reality that the show has created.

The cliffhanger... who got that envelope of info? What purpose would pretending Kate dies serve? She's not going to go into witness protection or undercover. I haven't heard any of the plans for September, so I'll just have to wait.
It was very suspenseful for the sort of people who think Castle is a mystery show or a gritty cop drama.

There are people who think that?
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