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They can play up her toughness and grit all they want. Castle is a pretty big guy (they mostly hide it through camera angles and not letting him do physical stuff, but look at some group scenes of several people in a hallway or tight space and see how he looms over all the other guys on the show), and Beckett is a fairly skinny woman. If a guy who is capable of tackling Lockwood to the ground and pounding on him can't pick up a chick who weighs a buck-20 tops when her life depends on it, you've got serious plausibility issues. The real suspension of disbelief for that scene comes with the whole notion of getting her and Castle out in the first place. It was done solely to give Montgomery a heroic death, when with Castle and Beckett hiding in backup, he probably survives. As it was he took down all his killers alone. The way the fight played out, there was hardly a sense of inevitability about the outcome.

I agree with Jacob that it is implausible - if she wanted to get away from Castle, she could have. If I am trying to think the way the writers would, I'd say it's down to the fact that she would have had to risk hurting Castle to do so. Combined with the fact that she was given a direct order (no matter how much she didn't want to follow it) and she was emotional and confused, well, I can see him being able to get her out of there.

You are right, she would have had to hurt him but she could have gotten out of it. I tend to think the same way you do, but I kind of have to suspend my disbelief to get through that bit.

BUT, I do agree that if they had backed him up, he might have been shot (still four against one), but it wouldn't have gone down the way it did. I'm not sure that makes complete sense, unless the Cap wanted to die. And they try to play it that Castle was so concerned for her that he didn't think of anything else. Easy enough to explain in the next season.

I think he did want to die to keep his family safe. I think he wanted to take as many with him as he could, but ultimately he did not want to get out of the hangar. It was the last thing he could do to take care of his family. I think he knew he couldn't keep Beckett safe anymore too, so he did what he could for her and then went down to protect his family.
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