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Re: Okay, the perspective of a non-shipper viewer. nossy Send a noteboard - 18/05/2011 06:36:29 PM
What a farce. While the latest relationship story feint fortunately does not seem to have blinded many people to the identity of the third cop, the whole ending was lame and contrived to give a cheap thrill and artificial suspense. For a show called "Castle" the focus has been entirely too much on Beckett so much so that people are forgetting you can still have a show called Castle without her. Next season could be really interesting if they decide to let her die, and feature Castle trying to finish up the case on his own, with maybe some off-the-books help from his pals in the NYPD. It might actually give the titular character a chance to grow and develop and have a function beyond plot devices and comedy. It could be a really interesting show and they will never, ever, for any reason, do that. No TV show, especially on a major network, alters the formula without compelling, non-creative reasons (ratings desperation, casting issues, etc). Some shows might plausibly knock off the main non-titular character to move the title character in a new direction. Not a show as episodic and formulaic as Castle. Beckett will be back next season, and after an episode or two teasing out a couple more threads in the Big Mystery, will go right back to unusual murders-of-the-week, generally involving celebrities or wealthy people. It's called "the reset button" and it refers to the tendency to revert shows to the status quo after calender-inspired (sweeps, proximity to holidays, season-ending or hiatus-beginning) changes. Like how the season that began with Castle off on his own and none of the cops have heard from him in weeks and he's back together with his ex-wife. Oooh! The show's all different, right? Haha!

Yeah, because a show would be so fun all about one person. I find your response really silly, because as much as I <3 Nathan Fillion, I think that the show did a spectacular job of casting and providing interest other than what Rick Castle can provide by himself. It isn't supposed to be just about him, it's suppose to be about how he reacts to this real situation with this real woman. Re-watch the Alyssa Milano epi.

I do agree about the "reset button," however, because that is just what shows do. I don't mind some filler episodes as long as there is also the occasional beefy one. Castle isn't a show all about drama - it's almost as much comedy as anything else. Even so, I do think he's done a hell of a lot of "growing," and I love the way they've taken it.

Anyway, with the suspense disposed of, why the hell was Castle a pallbearer? A guy Montgomery met a couple of years ago and socializes with less than any other cop in the office? Its like when TV shows have weddings and rather than bring in new people to wear formal clothes and not talk, they fill up the wedding party with regular cast members despite the complete lack of any reason by real world standards why they should be there, or why their extended families would keep speaking to them after they picked virtual strangers and co-worker's siblings or spouses over their own siblings and cousins. That shit does NOT get forgotten, let me tell you! And I would think a pall bearer would be likewise, especially for cops and NYPD more than any other. They get really hyped up about their whole brotherhood thing, and unless Montgomery was exposed and disgraced, like Lem on The Shield, every former partner and relative on the force is really annoyed at the family for letting this civilian celebrity d-bag groupie take his slot. They even have alluded to this sort of thing once or twice on the show, that as much as they might like Castle, he is still not a cop, and the whole partner thing with Beckett would not be legitimate in the eyes of real cops.

I think it was more about Mont's relationship with Beckett. If they were the closest of the close (as they've made it appear), she would have easily been able to demand permission for her "partner" to be a pall-bearer. While I can admit that you have a point, I do also think you can find reasons for their choices to make sense if you're not focused on deciding that they shouldn't.

I'm not saying this episode was not entertaining in the manner typical of Castle, but let's not get overboard about a couple of pieces of stunt-writing.

I loved it. I thought it was very "Castle," and that's more than enough for me.
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