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Why you are wrong Cannoli Send a noteboard - 22/05/2011 04:03:57 AM
First of all, it's canon, not cannon, unless you are referring to the weapon of a Basilisk (I have to stay in character after all).

I am terribly sorry to have offended you by my typo. I have a tendency to type too fast sometimes and not think about the exact spelling of the words as they get hammered out.

You really didn't get the joke in there?

Yes, you are the sole voice of the 'truth'. You like it that way. You often go out of your way to make it that way. You are not some righteous voice of truth in a land full of the mindless, those who simply go along and don't question what it is they consume.

I didn't remotely say that.

Oh, you certainly like to portray it that way, and I think sometimes you probably even believe it to be true. Yet the fact remains, that you offered a rebuke to the 'imaginary' people who enjoy Castle for what it is, little more than a soapy cop drama featuring a contrived star-crossed, mismatched, love story. I don't think most people who enjoy the show are all that confused by what it is. Yet, you feel it necessary to come in and rip apart the show, holding it to the standard of a great American novel, or a concise, detailed study into the human condition. It's neither of these things, and it doesn't pretend to be.
Well then they shouldn't treat it like it is. I didn't start a post about how this falls short of some standard, I reacted to people overreacting to contrived melodrama as if it is actually dramatic.

You like to tell people why they are wrong for feeling the way they do about... just about everything.
Truth does not become diluted in large quantities. I can't help it if people keep being wrong.

Oh, you couch it as a critique of the thing itself, but you deliver your analysis in mock surprise, and almost as if you're a little offended, that anyone could possibly miss these things you're saying, that you're laying down as an absolute fact.
My opinions are the right ones. That is why I have them.

You wade into conversations to try to educate people why they are wrong.
You're welcome.

The problem is that often you are creating a straw man argument in the first place. Take your recent Thor critique as an example. Your first couple statements was that you didn't know anything about the comic book Thor but had a thorough knowledge of the Mythology. You then spent numerous paragraphs ripping on how a Comic Book movie, attempting to tell the story of the Comic Book character, Thor, got the mythology wrong. You did this, of course, rather than spend 10 minutes to see if the movie got the comic book lore correct.
I was ripping into whatever the story was. I didn't care where it came from, I was ripping into the diversion from the more commonly-understood source material. Regardless of whether the producers of the film or the artists and writers of the comic book were responsible for that divergence was besides the point, which was the meaning of my admission of indifference in the beginning. It also offered a place for the Thor fans to show off a bit and set the record straight, as well as assuage my curiosity on that matter, without wading into the comic book material myself (I lack that knowledge precisely because I have no desire to go wading into five or six hundred issues of silliness including something called Beta Ray Bill, and now, thanks to that post, I have explanations). I also would like to think my post provided a warning to those who might have been interested in the movie for the same reason I was, and I would wager that the number of people like me, who are more familiar with Norse mythology than with comic book continuity, is considerably greater than the fans of the Marvel property. Maybe you and the rest of the fan-boys should consider that there is much more to the world than your little geek circle. Treat Thor the way we are treating the GoT TV show - not from the perspective of comparison to what we are used to reading, but a welcome introduction of the story we enjoy to a wider audience.

Cannoli, I know exactly what I am doing. I am confronting a long-time, almost universally agreed upon, MB bully.
That term is absolutely oxymoronic. It is impossible to bully someone over whom you can exert no force. I cannot force a single person to do or endure a single thing they do not want to. If I were an admin who used my authority against those I disagreed with or disliked that would be one thing, but your ridiculous use of that term merely makes you someone who cannot disagree or disapprove of another's tone or writing style without doing so in villifying terms.

I am calling out your long pattern of behavior, your callous, and mean-spirited approach to a majority of your interactions on this and previous MBs. You can pretend you think that I am being mean to you.

Self-deprecating PARODY. Look it up.

I am being honest with you. I know you to be an intelligent man,

You know nothing of the sort, since you don't even me at all, aside from what I choose to present in open correspondence. While negative traits that people might wish to hide (i.e. stupidity) may be inferred from the context, assertions like this one are absolutely unfounded. Particularly from someone who apparently merely cherry-picks my posts for the bad stuff and ignores what completely contradicts his own impression, such as my not-infrequent posts indicating enthusiasm for low-brow material (honestly, if anything WAS a "great American novel" or detailed study into the human condition, I probably could not be bothered to read/watch it), or numerous light-hearted humor posts such as the one in reply to yours.

one who is fully capable of adding a lot of insight and interesting analysis to many topics. Mostly, you just tell people why they are wrong, and you do it in a way that attempts to shutdown any possible conversation or disagreement with you.
Well, duh. What is the point of inviting the other side to take another shot at you? That's not how you win anything, an argument, a sporting event, a strategy game or a fight.
“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye!
Deus Vult!
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