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Re: Was finn as strong as Leia? I would say not even close fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 08/01/2016 10:01:16 AM

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Look at from this point of view. When the first move came out all the little boys went home wanting to be either Hans or Luke and al the little girls went home wanting to be Leia.

And we want a repeat of this? We want boys to only idolize men, and girls to only idolize women?
She was a strong confident women who has no problem speaking her mind and did not wait around waiting to be rescued by men but instead played her own critical role in the story. Hell she even stood up to the wookie tha had Finn cowering. No one would say the Leia took a back seat to Luke or Hans but the same cannot be said for Finn the sidekick. I guess in world of social justice girl power trumps racial equality but in the end little boys did not go home wanting to be Finn, they went home still wanting to be Luke.

Firstly, lets say this is true (though as Legolas argued, it doesn't really hold up)... what makes you think little boys can't go home wanting to be like Rey? Nothing about her role is fundamentally male or female anyway. Not even her costume. She just happens to be female. Her femininity doesn't permeate her story.

The problem people have had with the way Hollywood did this is that it was always a male in the lead. Its not that girls can't look up to male leads and idolize them. But when you only show men doing certain things, you set up the expectation that girls shouldn't bother with those activities.

As for helping the plight of women and minorities that is just flawed logic.

Indeed. No one is saying this will help the plight of women and minorities today. This is NOT a solution that has a current impact.
I fully support making a main character black, the original series did it to a degree.

Luke was black?
Of the major black characters in the series Finn, the former sanitation worker, is the weakest and I am not sure how making the black man the little buddy to the white girl helps minorities.

The idea that he's a "little buddy" is absurd. They're shown to be friends, not boss and underling. For another, if you truly don't get the cultural import of a friendship, and possible romantic relationship between a black man and white woman in which both are shown to be strong independent characters, I'm not sure you've been paying much attention to the narrative on such relationships in the United States.
I do object to the idea that new white characters can only be bad guys

The exact same thing was true of the Original Trilogy. The main heroes and villains were ALL White. This is just not true here, and I do hope they have people of color as villains too, but if you think the narrative of this story is "white men are always evil", neither Han Solo, nor Luke, or even Kylo Ren make any sense.
and need to look as much like Nazis as possible, make sure you zoom in on those blue eyes and blonde hair. I am sure that was no accident fro the Jewish Abrams.

Exactly one person can be accused of looking like a Nazi. And he reports to a quite non-human looking Supreme Leader.

The Nazi undertones to the Empire were always thee. Yes, it is a little ham handed that one of them now looks a little too Nazi, but that doesn't mean this Nazi parallel was invented from scratch.

The idea that portraying women as a match for men in close combat is not just misguided but it is down right stupid and has the exact opposite affect that is intended. In the real world when girls fight boys they get hurt and they can be hurt badly. Anything that makes it OK for a man to fight a women like she is a man does not help women and presenting women as equals to men in combat does exactly that.

You do know these things aren't fixed, right? There isn't some fundamental law of nature that makes human females on average weaker than human males, and the amount by which that differs isn't fixed either. If girls are pushed to develop their upper body strength from an early age, that WILL change.

No one is asking that we enforce some such program. But we should certainly be above the idea that girls SHOULDN'T do this. We shouldn't tag women who lift and increase their upper body strength as unfeminine. Or men who don't as emasculated. A character like Rey might, in some small way, encourage girls to try out activities that are traditionally reserved for "boys". Maybe a teenager will lift, or go rock climbing, or get sweaty at the gym, because Rey does some version of all that.

Have message but please keep the misguided social justice from running the story line. It is almost as bad the product marking driving the plot in the prequel.

There is nothing misguided about this, given that the Force has no gendered bias that we know of. And it certainly isn't anywhere close to Social Justice. It is, at best, not sticking to the ludicrous patriarchal assumption that males always lead.
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