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What is different than before is two things Roland00 Send a noteboard - 26/09/2019 11:59:33 PM

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We've seen this play before. Some of us will express shock at the pernicious acts of Trump. Others will say this is nothing, is overreach, is overblown by the media...

There is no way to have a meaningful discussion because there is little agreement of what facts are facts, and what can be informed for convenience. So let's wait and see if anything tangible comes of it.

An these two things are important to different people
Democrats in Comgress are over the Denial phase impeachment i not necfessary for they will just win at the ballet box sayimg truth, healthcare, an other traditionial issues and it will not be like 2016 but more like prrvious presidential elections. Well Trump creating falsehoods about Biden and Biden's son dispel this seductive return to normalacy narrative.
Common people an the press are forgiving of our leaders in the American system when underlings of the president, or allie of the president but not officially on the flowchart do illegal and corrupt things. Nixon goes down for he personally ordered Watergate per the tapes. Reagan does not go down for Iran Contra for it was his underlings and not Reagan himself and Bish 41 pardons these people. The fact that Trump himself contacted the Ukraine president feels different than a Trump employee doing it. No matter how similarly in 2016 with the Trump meeting with a Russia official who had dirt on Hillary Clinton by Trump's own family and literally his campaign manager. Our system of American Politics in contrasted with parlimentary systems are different for we elect a specific individual instead of a party system and thus if the specific individual is not impliated we forgive them and create scapegoats. Literally I am invoking religious metaphors over the sacred and Americans treat the Authority / Legitimacy of his election with a sacer meaning as in this is holy.

I have no clue if this will be enought but it is different. Impeachment plus removal by the senate means makimg simultaneously a moral claim everyone can agree to if they do not have self interest in Trump remaining. This moral claim must then shame Republicans enough that they feel electoral victory in 2020 is so uncertain they must abandon Trump.

If Trump can make case that nothing matters and there is no moral language he stays till 2020. Furthermore if Democrats screw this up with mixing action and purpose of action in the messaging they will lose makimg the moral case.

Who knows what will happen I can craft a dozen of stories that are plausible and internally consistent from here on out. Each different story has different outcomes and different tensions from here to the final result of the story.

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