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You do realize that we're now going by the White House's own summary? Legolas Send a noteboard - 27/09/2019 07:30:59 PM

View original postIt matters very much who the whistler blower is and what their motivation is. These things matter very much. Why? Because it goes to the heart of how they have characterized what they said. Is this a person with an ax to grind? If what they are saying is true, how come the people listening in on the call didn't issue the report?

The whistleblower's complaint has forced the White House to release that summary, of course, but now we've seen it and people are judging based on the WH's own document. Without the whistleblower, we might not have found out about this, but of course, it would still have happened. Are you saying that the morality of Trump's actions depends on whether or not the public knows about them?
View original postAnd then honestly, I'm having a big problem trusting anything that comes from that place. Why? Because we've already seen evidence of there a existing a demonstrated bias against him. I'm not talking about the conspiracy, deep state nonsense. I'm talking about the actual stuff that we've seen from different FBI people, the out of the blue "I wanted to talk decades after the fact" accusations that have no evidence. Trump couldn't step over a piece of trash on a pathway without factions of the media blowing that up into a big story. Do you not remember when his wife didn't hold his hand much? There were constant stories about their marriage falling apart. Do you not see that anything that can be perceived wrong is automatically taking to the Nth degree of perceived wrong.

Just because the media blows up even the smallest story, doesn't mean that big stories like this one are also small stuff. How do you determine which is which, well, that requires judgement calls obviously. And as RT points out, most politicians and rather a lot of voters in the Republican party have long stopped using their judgement and just blindly take Trump's side on everything. At least in public - I dare say in private the politicians do know better than that.
View original postEven in this very instance, putting the call on a different, more secure database is seen as hiding the call. But one could see it as also being a national security thing. One could see him asking for an investigation on a political rival...while one could also see it as investigating the questionable actions of a previous administration so that Justice can be served.

Except that there isn't anything sensitive with regards to national security in it by anyone's account (and, you know, otherwise the WH wouldn't have released that summary like that, or would have redacted the sensitive portions). It was of course politically sensitive, because even if Trump doesn't seem to realize that he isn't a dictator and his interests are not the country's interests, the people around him do realize that.
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