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You truly are hopeless. Roland00 Send a noteboard - 28/09/2019 01:12:52 AM

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Maybe I'd use a private email server to prevent my communications from being unfairly criticized and painted as the next act of the devil...

Oh wait! Wrong politician. I was just thrown by your sudden belief that "the media will overblow this" is a suitable excuse for a politicians actions.

Although you touch on a valid point. The media is good at overblowing something...but also not being consistent in that. Clinton made a grave error (which was actually against the law)...and yet it didn't get the same treatment.


You truly are hopeless.

You truly are hopeless.
You gotta have faith [cue Damookster Music] ...

But seriously there is supposed to be a 6 word chain that loops back on itself.

loop back to hope

I think they (Jeordam and Mookie) are not stuck on the hope stage but instead are afraid concerning the want stage. Want and not moving towards can. And Charity can be translated a dozen different ways for it is an aspect of transformation where one material form changes into another material thing due to the power of transformation / miracle / grace / etc.

You can't budge someone in the "want" stage via arguments for they fall back to it can end up good or it can end up badly. It takes an act of grace an act of good will and gratiude to take a chance again.

And guess what modern politics does? It sucks up good will. It is not just the politicians but literally the medium is the message for some messages are easy to transmit in this form of communication that technology allows. Except McLuhan (who coined the term "The medium is the message" also frequently punned on the word "message," changing it to "mass age," "mess age," and "massage" for these are also true.


[Senses Mookie reading this and making a smart alec comment I ramble too much.] Mookie I have no alcohol in the house, WOE is me

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