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Yes, I do realize that. Jeordam Send a noteboard - 27/09/2019 07:46:10 PM

Let me say it this way, so that maybe there is an understanding.

Is some of what Trump said problematic? Absolutely. Is he wrong? Depends on how one would define wrong. Is asking the leader of Ukraine to look into Biden's activities wrong? Again, I didn't see quid pro quo...and the only one who is saying that it was there is someone who was not on the call at all. Instead, Trump asked for an investigation into something that still has questions to be answered. In this particular instance, it is a 2 birds 1 stone scenario.

Now looking at why he wanted the call quiet. Reference hand holding story above. Anything....ANYTHING....he says/does can be magnified to such an extreme that it dwarfs the actual event. Remember the last 2.5 years when every news media said he was guilty of collusion with Russia. That wasn't the case, so they turned that into obstruction of justice (when Muller didn't even make a call that he saw that was the case either). Now we have a phone call whistle blower complaint from someone who wasn't on the call. So where am I getting at with all this? There doesn't actually need to be anything wrong anywhere...there just has to be the shadow of something wrong and the media will make it out to be the biggest story in the news cycle.

And in the middle of all of have a notable figure in a place of political power on the other side of the aisle reading a very fake parody of the phone call. You know as well as I do that many are going to see him saying that and not believe it was a parody, because they aren't going to read the actual minutes from that phone call at all. You have another leader from that side of the aisle asking why it wasn't brought to Congress's attention immediately? Maybe because someone can bring allegations which aren't fact to congresses attention weeks/months ahead of time, and they aren't brought up until the absolute last moment when it is as politically powerful as it possibly can be. I wouldn't trust Congress either, and I would want to hide each and every thing I could.

Can you blame the guy? Put yourself in his shoes. What would you do when you can't turn around without someone making up stories about you? What would you do when everything you say will always be taken in the worst light?


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