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You are missing things for it is not one thing but many Roland00 Send a noteboard - 16/04/2022 08:16:31 PM

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Am I missing something with the upset feelings? As with much in today's day and age, there seem to be two camps and a bunch of outrage...


Person 1: A+B+C+D
Person 2: C+E+F+G
Person 3: E+N+O+P (is unaware of A, B, C, D, F, and G but other people like person 1 is unaware of N, O, P, E)

And these multiple things can be more than the sum of the parts acting as a feedback loop, and other times as breaks on the passions.

In sum we are talking about Social Overdetermination, and the concept of Celebrity, we are never going to be synchronized internally when it is about celebrity only emotionally affectively synchronized (not effectively synchorized no emotional affect) on the outside in the same direction but our reasons may be different.


Let's put it this way with Elon Musk for there are so many layers here of analysis.

Elon Musk is an abuse survivor whose dad was horrid. If you want more details you can google but just to demonstrate I will bring up an unrelated incident.

The same dad of Elon, whose name is Errol (age 72) in the last 5 years got his stepdaughter pregnant and they carried the pregnancy to term so there is now a new born. The stepdaughter was 30 at the time and things happened when the stepdaughter came to visit Errol Musk after she broke up with her boyfriend. The stepdaughter was 4 when Errol married her mother.


Elon Musk is estranged with his father and recently in the last 5 years has opened up about this fact and call his dad "Evil" and a "terrible human being." There is so much more underneath the surface which I am not going to talk about, but the short of this I want to communicate is Elon Musk is a neurotic mess, and also only recently got diagnosed with Autism. He is not taking care of himself, and it is understandable for sometimes your life sucks.

How Elon "copes" is doing all these external things which capitvates his attention and distracts from negative feelings. Some of this stuff is tied to his work, and other times he gets involved with things to feed his attention, to distract himself, to not get bored.

For example the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue in Thailand. A diver who rescued the kids set off a nerve on Elon for Elon wanted to build a robot and it was not going to work and it was precious time so the diver called the idea stupid on Cable News and thus Elon Musk tweeted for he could not take such an offense on his honor and called the rescuer diver a "pedo guy" and then other tweets talking about how the rescuer is a pedophile for the UK diver lived in Thailand.

In sum Elon has a thin skin and oppositional defiant disorder (completely understandable when you understand he is an abuse survivor.) Musk does so many things on impulse, whenever the mood strikes him and he rebukes anything to put any restraints on him. Furthermore Musk uses performance enhancing drugs of the mind and this may affect his mood and impulsivity.

Likewise there has been half a dozens times Elon has done illegal things with how you can communicate information if you are in charge of a company (and not just a stock holder) that he has Security Exchange Commission investigations, fines, and now specific rules just for him that he "plea bargained" about how a lawyer has to look at his tweets prior to tweeting about Tesla for Musk has broken so many rules that we have on CEOs and other people with insider information to prevent market manipulation.


Lastly Elon Musk is a cult figure to many men on the internet, and Elon loves the attention but also this form of cult attention. Cults are not really big into respecting boundaries for they need an outsider to needle to reaffirm how the cult is the "good guys" / "in group" / "superior and excellent."


As you can see that is a whole lot of words.

I really have no opinion about Elon Musk and Tesla. I been following the man for at least 14 years now, and he constantly surprises me even though once you learn the key cornerstone events it makes a whole lot of sense.

Have a great day Jeo

( Oh for why everyone else cares, I think what I wrote suggests but why people really super care about it you would have to ask them. )

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