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Wow you made lots of leaps of faith plus logic which I am not sure you are aware you did Roland00 Send a noteboard - 02/05/2022 09:33:14 PM

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I may come back to it later, but on the Don't Say Gay Bill, we know that it was patterned after Orban's Hungary behavior.

Now you may question this and just say Dreher and the Florida Press Secretary did not literally mean that. We are never able to see what is in other people's minds after all, we can only record each other speach and check for internal logics, psychodynamics, and so on. Then it relies on trust, faith, belief, paranoia, etc for we can't see what is in other people's minds.

So we agree that regardless of what it actually says, the implications projected onto it make the term "Don't Say Gay" acceptable terminology to criticize the bill.

By that same token, regardless of whether the term "groomer" is used appropriately or not, implications projected onto these movements/institutions/activists should be acceptable terminology to criticize, yes?

After all, there are plenty of examples of actual grooming behavior exhibited at the fringes (hopefully the fringes?) of this movement, as well as consequences of people negatively affected by bad actors in this circle of thought.

So yeah I do not agree with what you said earlier about Don't Say Gay in Florida. Likewise I can point to the US history of the 1960s to 1990s, and the 2000s. And to other places like the UK's section 28, and so on.

I am skeptical of the advocates of those Don't Say Gay Laws and what they are calling for much like Ronald Reagan said no I am not going to go there with the 1978 California State Ballot Initiative (when Reagan would gain more support for he was going to run for President) and also similar acts in 1967 (when Reagan was in his first year of Governor and some people wanted to create a moral panic there with homosexuality and the teachers.)

Moral Panics are not new, witch hunts are not new. You are susceptible to propaganda and while I am for freedom of speech from the government, private businesses have the right and the duty to intervene for Pogroms, Lynchings, Mass Shootings, have happened in every culture (including the US with all our exceptionalism) and every hundred years when you allow the "othering" of another to reach such a passionate pitch. People feel justified for it becomes a holy war to preserve society.

So the securing of Twitter by Musk has sparked renewed discussions of reforming section 230. Should I gather from your above statement about freedom of speech from the government, that you would be against Twitter (and other Social Media sites) being brought under this umbrella?

Going to respond not at this moment but later, putting this place holder text here for I feel you are thinking I hold beliefs which I do not, and thus you are arguing past me / likewise you may not understand what I am saying.

How is your day I ask in this placeholder space

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