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My thoughts, and I implore Mookie to interject. Roland00 Send a noteboard - 18/04/2022 08:42:42 PM

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It's a sad commentary that supporting Freedom of Speech for everyone now is considered evocative of a specific ideology.

What are your thoughts about the Right to Assemble, the many actual laws in Republican states curtailing it, and the fact that that right too seems to be evocative if a specific ideology?

Freedom of Thought inside my mind is a product of the religious wars in Europe and the British Civil Wars. What I do inside my own mind is my own business, it is what is later called noumenona, things that are non observable while phenomena are things we take in via the senses and we can measure. What I do inside my own mind impacts no one.

To answer your question Freedom of Religion is mostly Freedom of though, and some aspects of the right to Assemble is like this but the next part will complicate things.


Freedom of Action involves impacts where one material thing impacts another.

Take a metaphor of driving, to successfully drive we need to think in layers. 1) you must have the physical senses and skills to drive, your legs or legs substitute must be able to manipulate the pedals. Likewise you need the reaction time and coordination to drive. 2) second you need the practice and the operational abilities where driving is like external senses part of you via habit and repetition. We teach teens in empty parking lots how to drive before giving them higher orders of chaos such as a real world scenario. 3) driving is also tactical such as the ability to adapt to the change road, other drivers, following rules and regulations such as laws, knowledge of safe driving tactics. 4) there is a strategic aspect of driving such as a final destination but also things like knowing the best routes and how long they take under normal and not normal conditions, being able to plan it out and adapt the plan.

Together we call all 4 levels of driving an expanded phenotype, an expanded word where we can measure driving and thus where we use the single word of driving to create a “norm” and expectation, and via norms and expectations we can do higher levels of chaotic behaviour, I can do more via this expanded phenotype of driving, I am more free to seek out new jobs, to gather more food, to buy stuff that brings pleasure, to seek out new friends and mates.

Freedom of Action requires regulation to help make it more consistent and predictable. There is an aura of performance and performativity to it. Hegel says this is why the state exists, to restrict freedoms for a small amount of restriction can allow greater freedoms. Of course I am oversimplifying and going long explaining Elements of the “Philosophy of Right” and trust me everyone disagrees and have their own definitions.


So now that I created a false binary, a false dichotomy (still useful one) it becomes apparent that many of our rights and freedoms do not neatly fit in either circle and there is tensions and overlap and that is okay. I will argue tensions are inevitable and nature, and to be critical is to also anticipate crisises in the present and future. Freedom of Religion in your own mind you should not be punished for, you should not be fired for being a Scientologist. But requiring vaccinations is different for that is action in my mind but I am willing to be argued out of it. I believe Freedom of Religion should not stop blood transfusions, organ donations and other things that save human life.

Freedom of Assembly well what are you doing with the Assembly? Are you blocking traffic? Are you in a place it is illegal to be like a military base? Etc, etc. I am so against all this Cold War stuff we did where we created blacklists and so on saying ideas are Un-American and if you visited a meeting you can lose a public job and your security clearance.

Likewise with Freedom of Speech, the details matter, the devil is in the details, always.

Just saying Freedom and saying of X is a “fetish object / fetish concept.”

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