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Desperately Nynaeve reached for saidar. Fear streaked through her anger, but there was anger enough—and it ran into an invisible wall between her and the warm glow of the True Source.

This is from tFoH, in TAR. When Moghedien did land a shield on Nynaeve. As you can see, it is a wall.

Later in the same chapter:

Even as she did, saidar seemed to fill Moghedien like a flood. Liandrin’s probe died as the Source was shielded from her. Flows of Air picked her up and slammed her against the paneled wall hard enough to make her teeth rattle...

Suddenly she was tying off the shield, the knot growing ever more intricate, until Liandrin lost the twists and turns completely. And still it went on. “There,” Moghedien said finally in tones of satisfaction. “You will search a very long time to find anyone who can unravel that. But you will have no opportunity to search."

The knot is intricate, but Liandrin never once says anything about the shield itself being different. She just calls it "the shield" as if she knows it, just like she mentions Flows of Air.

If there was anything special about Moghedien's shield, neither Nynaeve nor Liandrin mention it.

And look at this description from tSR:

The knife-sharp shield that Egwene had used to still Amico Nagoyin sprang into being, more weapon than shield, lashed at Moghedien—and was blocked, woven Spirit straining against woven Spirit, just short of severing Moghedien from the Source forever. Again the Forsaken’s counterblow came, slashing like an axe, intended to cut Nynaeve off in the same way. Forever. Desperately Nynaeve blocked it.

Once again, nothing about the shield looks different to Nynaeve. You argue that maybe the difference is only obvious once the shield is in place, but 1)when it was placed later, Nynaeve calls it a wall and 2)Why would Moghedien need to use exactly as much strength as Nynaeve, then? If he shield is more flexible and different, more like Berowyn's, wouldn't it also take less of the OP. Instead, it is an exact match for Nynaeve's.

So the only evidence we have from an AoLer shielding an Aes Sedai is from Moghedien. And there is absolutely nothing different about her shield. Neither in how it is made, nor how it feels to women who are shielded. It certainly doesn't expand one bit for Nynaeve.

As for Lanfear's shield, it was different in that it allowed a tiny trickle of the OP, but she also makes it clear the pain thing is nothing special:

He was never very good at breaking through a shield; you must be willing to accept pain, and he never could.

The tense she uses, and the "never" all point to the pain being a regular aspect of breaking a shield.

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What evidence do you have that shielding was not a result of Aes Sedai searching for effective ways to stop males from destroying the world? We know Aes Sedai did a lot of research around how linking worked as part of stopping mad males, or at least controlling them. Given that Tower law requires a male to be brought to Tar Valon and put on trial, shielding would have been a massively important skill for early Reds to have mastered.

Wait, ou're claiming they forgot shielding and reinvented it in the 300 years after the Tower's founding? That is certainly not true:
Or were many of these “false Aes Sedai” actually Aes Sedai who resisted going along with the amalgamation of independent groups into one whole? Certainly there is evidence that many of these women were “forced to kneel to the Amyrlin Seat and the White Tower,” at least some were stilled, and a large number joined the Tower and were thereafter accepted as Aes Sedai.

This is before the White Tower was even completed.

The fact that it also worked on women would have been incidental and what would prompt Aes Sedai to find more effective weaves to block other women. Aside from knowing that there was a lot of politicking in the early days of the Tower and probably more than a few conflicts ending in dead pre-Tower Aes Sedai, there is nothing to suggest Aes Sedai hunted down, shielded and brought to trial women who falsely claimed the Aes Sedai title and even if they did this happened within a very short timeframe so it seems far less likely that women would have spent a lot of time figuring out more effective ways to shield other women. Especially since they were already in large groups and linking was an option.

You forget that the Breaking was also filled with groups of Aes Sedai hunting down the remnants of the Shadow, which certainly included women. There is absolutely no evidence that Shielding was a skill that was ever lost, during the Breaking. And it makes good sense that it wasn't. Shielding and Severing are major tools for any woman against both the Shadow and mad male channelers. They were probably among the weaves to survive the Breaking intact.
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