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I somehow overlooked this last week, it seems Larry Send a noteboard - 10/04/2010 11:01:17 AM

You could and I believe those familiar with epic fantasies would get the joke behind that comment as well :P

And if that is all I have in my review? It'd be a lump of turd.

Of course, I think he had more to it than that, but opinions vary, it seems :P

I don't think that's all there is to it, or else I wouldn't have posted it here (or at best, it would have been posted with a disclaimer noting that it was nothing but snark, to be taken lightly). The issues he raises about the nature of the sex/violent scenes, the way the prose is constructed, the plot branches, character development (or perceived lack thereof) are issues that are worthy of discussion. How well he explores those issues is the matter of contention, I suppose.

But he hasn't raised any issue about sex and violence. His complaints about the absence of sex have nothing to do with his complaint that the good guy Trolloc battles are boring, except that the first comes immediately after the next.

Well, it seems he's elaborated a little bit on these two points in his latest review. Whether or not that actually addresses what you raise is an entirely different matter ;)

If he had tried to analyze this aspect of the book, it would have been very obvious because he'd have to go from treating RJ like some mindless drone who writes the first thing that comes to his mind to one who has a motive when he writes something.

Or someone who seems to write his fetishes into the plot? :P

The prose issues are certainly there, but only insofar, I think, as saying that this isn't anything great. For the most part, the prose is inoffensive, barely noticeable at all. That might be a complaint he could make, how usually drab it is, how Jordan seems to rarely try and come up with something beautiful, despite the fact that his story presents many opportunities for moments of great prose. But that isn't something Robert's is talking about.

I disagree about the prose being "inoffensive." I have read all but the prequel (well, the novel form of it) and that's despite the prose, which is horrendous. xx(

He made a close brush to actually talking about the characters when he (legitimately) criticized the romance in the novels. But what of other stuff? I'd argue that while Jordan never wrote complicated, characters, he does succeed more than most fantasy authors in creating memorable characters who grow and change in a realistic manner. Who they are, and their original beliefs affect their actions as much as the events of the books change them. And tSR is a good place to notice that, because this is the first time our bunch of heroes has stopped merely reacting to their enemies but actually have their own plans. Which is why they successfully defy Moiraine, and we are shown that what seemed great wisdom and power was but a show. A mention of at least some of these aspects would have made me take him seriously. But he bothered with none of it.

I differ with you on this, as I don't believe there's a good character development pattern to this series. Oh, the author may attempt to show this, but from what I recall (and my memory is fairly good, but 10 years' span from the last time I read books 1-9 is going to weaken it), the dialogues and internal monologues were rather monotonous and repetitive and did not show much in the way of the characters actively changing. But that's me on that, although I suspect that's an opinion that several readers of the series may share; I wouldn't really know for sure, though.

Actually, I agree that a single overarching review would have worked better, but since he chose to review each of the 12 individually, I guess the main sticking points will be made over and over. But here's a question that just occurred to me - How much "growth" do we see in the series from a technical aspect? Is the structure of the prose and scenes relatively static, or do we see discernible shifts in how characters and situations are presented?

I'd say there is a big shift. The first three books may be passable adventure novels, but they never manage to give the impression that what the characters are doing matters much to the world. As the characters were busy facing sundry threats, we never saw them contemplating how what they did could change the world.

OK, I could see that, even if "changing the world" is a rather presumptuous thing outside of heroic fantasies, I guess :P

That begins to change with this book, and it is best seen in what I like to call "study" scenes, where characters are in a room for the whole scene, and all that is happening is that they're talking. But, events of the world are revealed to the reader (not as info-dumps) as their relevance to the actions of the characters are discussed as well.

I think that got muddled a bit, particularly in the latter books, as I seem to recall thinking that it seemed they were repeating the same type of conversations, just with different supporting characters and that nothing had really changed.

Part of this is because our characters are moving up in the world. They are no longer sleeping in the loft worried about the cold. But more importantly, the focus of the story itself has shifted. What began as a "lets survive the villains, use our swords and magic, find the next object of power and save the day story" has morphed into something different, something closer to the political stories a lot of present day fantasies are. By the time LoC came out in 1994, I should think that there was no other fantasy series that concerned itself so much with the currents of politics, communication and perspective.

If you mean multi-volume epic/heroic fantasies, perhaps. I seem to recall there being quite a few works from that era that touched upon several of those elements. Michael Moorcock I know worked politics into several of his stories from the 1960s onwards and Ursula Le Guin most certainly covered the latter two in her Earthsea novels of the 1970s.

Another way this impacted the scenes is the way non-PoV characters were presented in a scene. In the earlier books, they are usually talking pieces of furniture. As the weight and importance of all of the major characters increases, so too do the conversations and the interactions between them seem better rounded, having more weight.

Seems to me, again based on memory recall, that those others became more like more ponderous pieces of furniture there :P

Those are indeed aspects I wonder if Roberts has seen. Perhaps it'll appear in a later review? If it doesn't, then I'd agree with you that it was a major oversight on his part.

Let's see.

Maybe in a week or two? :P

I don't know if it's as much this book or it appears in the next two, though. But yes, this is an important issue. Question is, how well did Jordan execute this vision?

It appears in this book, specifically in connection to the Aiel he so easily dismisses as pointless. With other Prophesies, there is wiggle room, but with the Aiel, it is made clear to Rand that he is going to massively shake them up, and destroy more than he can save. He even begins in this book.

But what meaning will this have? I never really got the sense of a looming tragedy here, to be honest.

If there is one aspect of the series that I think RJ handled well, it is this. This knowledge changes Rand, but slowly, each thing building to the next, till we see the events in tGS. RJ doesn't sugar coat this aspect of the story at all, and this has the important effect of keeping the readers sympathetic to Rand even when he descends into serious ass-holery. It is an area where I find most authors failing. The obvious cases like Goodkind, but also people like GRRM (with Jon Snow). All too often, the hero of the story finds sudden inspiration to be ultra-competent or some quickly resolved emotional crisis which leaves him emotionally stable and ready to face the future.

Don't quite get the Jon Snow reference, to be honest, as I remember him being fairly sympathetic throughout (but it's been 7-8 years since I last read a SOIAF book in full, so my memory in regards to that series is about as good as it may be for the earlier books of this one).

In some ways, perhaps, the is the best legacy of this series. I suspect Rand is, in a way, and inspiration for the "failed savior" who's the villain in Sanderson's first Mistborn novel. And maybe other such failed heroes.

Maybe for Sanderson, but I doubt it strongly for others, as that motif has been around for a long time. Even in genre fiction, Moorcock I know played with it in "Behold the Man," although that story was much more explicitly religious in tone.

I'd probably do what I've been trying to do online for years (and in the classroom), which is tease out elements of contention and then ask questions in such a way as to (hopefully) get the student to ask deeper questions without being told by me that s/he was wrong.

Nice one :) (and I believe you). But this is hardly something you expect to do when someone with experience in the field is writing a review, no?

The only thing I expect when I read a review is that the reviewer has a discernible point of view based on his/her experiences with the work at hand.

How many Anglo-Americans do you expect would make any sort of connection to the Jains? Sometimes, the xeroxed source becomes viewed as being the original source because of cultural differences/ignorance of other societies. Viewing this through the lens of privileged information makes interpreting his conclusions tricky. Yes, you are aware of those parallels, but for someone who is not and this being an issue where relatively few readers would be aware, are you interpreting his stance as being one that should reflect a deeper, more reflective understanding, an understanding that usually doesn't occur the first time something is read? It's the very fact that his WoT posts are so obviously that of someone who's never read the various arguments on the books' sources/influences that fascinates me - you don't often get that around forums like this...because oftentimes, some regulars are so used to their pet interpretations or have come to view neophyte reader interpretations as facile or just wrongheaded that sometimes they lash out at the new readers, often silencing them in the process.

Good point about the Jains not being an obvious reference. But while naming them may be beyond Robert's, the critical scene of this book, where Rand sees through the eyes of his Aiel ancestors into their non-violent past, should at least have clued him in to the fact that there are some very non-Fremen influences that have been woven into Aiel society.

Perhaps, or maybe the ancestral memory elements in the latter Dune novels would have come to mind here as well?

More importantly, those events make it abundantly clear to the blindest of readers what the importance of the Aiel is to the story, yet Robert's found no reason to comment upon it. The reason is probably that he skimmed through all this and got the significance of nothing, but that is hardly excusable.

To be honest, if the Aiel are that important to the story, then the author(s) perhaps should have spent more time with them after the fifth book, as for whole books, there's barely anything at all referencing their inner conflicts over what is happening.

Can't say I agree with your assessment of why his piece is worth a read though. Plenty of new people enter message boards with their own assessments and ideas of what the books mean. And while it will take time before they are seen as people worth reading and paying attention to (if they are good), there is no "drowning" out of interpretations. Not a month goes by without someone complaining about the pace of the books, or the women or a host of other things. And they are heard because they don't completely deride the books and then provide no concrete basis for their judgment.

While some here are close to being up at arms with me because I do have a few derisory comments and some concrete basis for them, even if most of the points are debatable (as they should be)? :P

I mean, look at his final list of "wise sayings". It is abundantly clear he read one that irked him, and to juice up his review, he randomly picked out sentences from the book and added them. As someone pointed out, some of those were normal dialogue, and none of those were as absurd as he implied them to be. It is the kind of thing I despise.

Interesting, as I recall reading some of them and finding them mildly irritating, but admittedly not worthy of dwelling on them.

Not because of who he is and what he does, but because the perspective is different from those who post regularly on the topic. May not agree with some (or any) of it, but having such perspectives to consider from time to time can be invaluable in getting experienced readers to reflect back on their own development. Or at least I'd hope something like that would be taking place.

That might have been the case if he had actually shown that he read the books, considered them, and then reviewed them. That is blatantly not the case.

I dunno. I do think he had some perceptive things to say, but what appeals to some is not going to appeal to others. Found it interesting how much he disliked the fifth book, though.

Perhaps compared to those, but I'm comparing it to itself here.

I was just explaining why it is not much discussed.

Ah, OK.

I haven't read them, but apparently some of RJ's other works had a lot more sex, so it doesn't seem like he's against it in writing or something. But certainly an interesting issue to discuss.

I wonder if those had quasi-fetish scenes in them as well :P

I don't know if that's the case or not. Will be curious to see what he has to say to your blog comment, though.

That should be fun to read.

Who knows? I'm trying not to, but it may be a case where I'm downplaying certain aspects because I can see the point, even if I don't always agree with the delivery!

I can see some of the points too. Which is why I said nothing at all when he reviewed the first three books. I don't think them as terrible as he does, but I can understand. Didn't stop me from noticing that he was getting repetitive, and failing to treat each book by its own merits.

Fair enough.
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To be fair - 21/05/2010 01:56:49 PM 1311 Views
I think WH was my least favorite of the WoT novels I re-read - 21/05/2010 04:49:31 PM 1113 Views
Re: I think WH was my least favorite of the WoT novels I re-read - 25/05/2010 05:05:09 PM 1297 Views
WH was my least favorite novel in the series, and that is saying a lot. - 28/05/2010 03:15:13 PM 1209 Views
I completely agree with his KoD post. Here is my favorite quote: - 28/05/2010 03:08:31 PM 1380 Views
CoT, you mean (link to actual post included) - 28/05/2010 04:56:10 PM 1225 Views
Yep, I meant COT. *NM* - 28/05/2010 07:02:48 PM 712 Views
Knife of Dreams - 18/06/2010 09:07:27 AM 1131 Views
Re: Knife of Dreams - 19/06/2010 05:49:38 AM 1206 Views
Agree... - 19/06/2010 05:08:44 PM 1189 Views
Roberts reflects back on WoT 1-11, with answers to questions asked of him - 25/06/2010 12:51:29 PM 1206 Views
This guy should be burned at the stake - 25/06/2010 03:22:34 PM 8594 Views
Are you done making a fool out of yourself, Mark? - 26/06/2010 06:53:37 PM 1168 Views
Oh come on... - 26/06/2010 09:06:01 PM 1291 Views
Well, the burning at the stake was a bit much... - 26/06/2010 10:19:40 PM 1274 Views
Well, really! You brought the comment to his notice... - 26/06/2010 11:34:08 PM 1231 Views
And your point is...? - 27/06/2010 12:37:00 AM 1313 Views
Well... - 27/06/2010 05:38:12 AM 1256 Views
Indeed... I think it's rather clear that Larry's goal has been to cause trouble - 27/06/2010 10:57:36 AM 1394 Views
There is no "borderline" about it. - 28/03/2011 05:17:15 PM 1135 Views
Ridiculous - 27/06/2010 06:38:46 AM 1169 Views
I like his FAQ and his overall musings on its' popularity. - 29/06/2010 06:35:10 PM 1231 Views
One year later... - 27/03/2011 03:40:29 AM 1144 Views
Re: One year later... - 28/03/2011 05:03:32 PM 1077 Views
I see you subconsciously support critical takes. - 28/03/2011 11:41:48 PM 1372 Views
No I conciously support telling you and him that you are pathetic, arrogent, & jelous. *NM* - 30/03/2011 01:40:36 PM 797 Views
Jealous? - 30/03/2011 05:20:32 PM 1129 Views
I agree, I didn't even notice it was an old post, definitely did not deserve to be revived. *NM* - 30/03/2011 02:41:12 PM 699 Views
Seconded. - 30/03/2011 04:04:36 PM 1030 Views
Now I notice as well that this is a year old. You're very silly, Larry, very silly. *NM* - 30/03/2011 04:13:38 PM 744 Views
Yep! - 30/03/2011 05:16:38 PM 1060 Views
Jeez Larry, you're starting to sound like a GRRM detractor. - 31/03/2011 03:01:38 PM 1167 Views
Nah, no detractor - 01/04/2011 03:00:41 PM 1284 Views
Could a thread be locked? - 31/03/2011 07:48:26 PM 1045 Views
Re: One year later... - 01/04/2011 02:55:02 AM 1314 Views
Yep - 01/04/2011 02:57:52 PM 1221 Views

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